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  1. Time

From the recording Rise Up

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Time is all we have
Time is in our minds
Seems it’s always fading always leaving us behind
Time most times returns
But never will it stay
One day
Time will leave our side and all we’ll be is time

Time is holding us
Time is so confined
Though it’s never ending ever flowing on the line
Time’s a measurement
For what has slipped away
One day
Time must be complied and all we’ll be is time

You’ve fallen for the ruse
When fear becomes the muse
But darling don’t be afraid of
nor discouraged by the pain
It’s part of the human experience to experience the inhumane

Time is running out
Time won’t rewind
It refuses Time confuses and abuses yet refines
Time is imminent
When there’s nothing left to say
One day
Time and Now divide and all we’ll be…


Time will leave our side and all we’ll be is Time