From the recording Earthbound

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I think those scars on your arms are beautiful
They show you made it out alive
Which isn't something easily said
Not all of us survive
Keep that in mind
I know that things only go up from here
The sky gets cloudy before it gets clear
You've got to suffer rain to see sunny weather
It'll get better
You're not being weak if you're not always strong
So what you're not right sometimes it's good to be wrong
So baby if you crash there's nothing wrong
Stay strong

Don't give up on me when times get tough
I hope you adore me when times get hard
I remember when on my darkest day
When I could barely see
You were there for me

That night I almost lost her forever but
Thank god she made it out alive
Now it's my turn to be strong
Pull through and survive
And know that even if you're crashing to the ground
You're still moving though you're heading down but
After every storm comes a calm
We'll come around
These cuts might heal in a few days
My heart might take longer
I hope you don't mind
I hope you stay by my side
The whole time


And if you think it's all over
It's proof that it's not
Because it keeps going
Like the wind keeps blowing
You're moving on
Life goes on